The Latest Web Design Trends

Most of us have been at the receiving end of the English idiom instructing us to not judge a book by its cover. Well, when it comes to web design, we might very well do. The design of a website is the first window into the company or brand, and it’s what turns a viewer into a client. It is also an “expose” of what the company is really about. Just as fashion changes with every season, so do web design trends, and this is what we should see coming and taking centre stage. There has been a wayward turn from the grid-like structures to stunning illustrations, animation and added interactivity. This year is promising to be an exciting one regarding originality, creativity and sheer strokes of designing genius. This article will look into these trends and will delve deeper into an example from the manufacturing space and what makes a brand a truly memorable one.

The Trend Of The Unexpected

We’re now used to structure, grid-like designs, and minimalist neatness. The latest web design trends see this rigidity thrown out the window. Web designers are experimenting with new shapes, less symmetry and more seemingly haphazard layouts. Added to this, is a creative burst of illustration energy with bold colours, and stunning art pieces taking centre stage. Animations and unexpected scrolling modes are also making an appearance, with page transitions going beyond the norm, and more use of serif fonts. This all screams un-minimalist. In fact, we may very well be entering an age of maximalism when it comes to web design. The bolder, the busier, the more bustling, the better! The result is eye-catching and very hard to forget – something that most brands should be going for. In fact, the digital revolution has reached the global manufacturing sector, and forcefully too. The client is what keeps the industry flourishing, and what better way to attract attention than in the place where most viewers are. A memorable web design remains imprinted, is easily recognisable, and serves as a foolproof convertor to tangible sales.

Web Design And The Product

As an example, Adidas’ Futurecraft 4D sneaker is a shoe with a vision and a shoe of the times. Honoured as a “best invention”, it merges technology and skill to create something memorably unique. You might be asking, ‘how does this relate to trends in web design’? Simple. In Eric Liedtke, executive member of global brands at Adidas group, own words, “by charting a new course for our industry, we can unleash our creativity – transforming not just what we make but how we make it.” Manufacturers are seeking to create products that are both timeless, yet very much in the present. Reflecting the needs of today’s society, their websites are also being driven by the same elements. If a pair of Shoes is forward-looking, speaks to all, and is the best example of functionality, then the manufacturer’s image and brand must reflect those very same elements. This uniformity of genial creativity inside and out is what makes a brand successful.