What Does Web Design Have to Do With SEO?


One of the first terms that you will become familiar with once you decide to have a website is search engine optimization or SEO for short. You will also learn that you need a web design. So what is the connection between web design and search engine optimization?

To understand this you need to know a little about SEO which is basically optimizing your site so the search engines can find it, determine what the site is about and then index it properly. This is critically important so people can find you quickly and easily in the search engines.

One of the goals of the web design should be its ability to let the search engines determine easily what the site is about. When most think about web design their focus is on the graphics. Of course, these are important but the graphics don’t supply the kind of information to the search engines that they need to be able to index the site properly.

The web design entails the flow of the site which allows for the proper flow of information. Visitors need to be able to surf through the site with ease and with as few steps as possible. The search engines expect to be able to do the same thing. If they are able to then they know their clients are going to be able to use the site easily and it will create a good user experience.

If you look at the search engines as being like a referral service then it is easier to understand why the web design plays such an important role in search engine optimization. Good web designers recognize the importance of this.