What is Web Design Software?


Not everyone wants to hire professionals for their web design needs.So some will take this upon themselves. They are encouraged to do this because there are so many opportunities to access the tools that they need to do this with.

Web design can be very complex or it can be simplified with the use of web design software. This software gives you the opportunity to create your web design without having to develop or learn the code that is needed to make the web design function properly. This code is referred to as HTML.

In order to build a web design one of the tools you need is called an editor, and there are two basic types.

Template Editors

Web design template software is comprised of templates that have all the basics that a web design needs. All of the code has been added to them. The user just has to put in the content as per the layout of the template. The advantage of this type of editor is its ease of use. The negative aspects are that many people are using the same templates so you won’t have the uniqueness for your site that you may desire.Although the template software will give you some flexibility for customizing it.


This may sound a bit frightful but what it means is that it is a what you see is what you get editor. It is a little more complex to work with but a lot of novice web design builders find that once they learn the basics of it they can really put it to good use. It allows for more creativity and customization.

Website Building Packages

One of the trends right now is for those new to web design is to use a website building package. A lot of the hosting companies are offering these packages for free. They are very similar to the template editor software, but the package contains more tools for building and customizing the web design all in one package. This means it is not necessary to go in search of a variety of different types of software to perform different tasks that are needed for the web design.

All of these different types of web design software can save money but time is needed to learn how to use them.