The Fundamentals of Website Scalability

The capacity to scale is a critical part of any website design undertaking. As such, website owners and designers must always address current demands and remain prepared for peaks without compromising performance. So a website should grow and adapt as needed for it to be truly scalable.

There are many factors to consider when building a scalable website. However, web designers from Klingit often focus on two main aspects: technical and content scalability.

Technical Scalability

Technical scalability relates to how well a website can handle increased traffic. And building a technically scalable website is informed by several considerations. These include:

  • Quality of website hosting
  • Web design optimization
  • Caching
  • Database speeds

Content Scalability

Content scalability focuses on the ease of adding new content. However, adding new content can be arduous, especially if the website has scalability issues. Here are some fundamentals of building a scalable web design in terms of content.

  • Use of a content management system
  • Simplified the website’s design
  • Use of content templates

Building a scalable website is undoubtedly an attainable feat by paying attention to both the technical and content aspects. And this will translate to enhanced site usability and ease of adding fresh content.