Web Graphics as Part of Web Design


It is quite common when one thinks about web design as basically being web graphics. There are many more components besides web graphics that come under the umbrella of web design. However, web graphics plays a critical role in the completion of a web design project.

From the webowner’s perspective it is the web graphics that play a huge role in building the brand of the website.

The sectors that web graphics is comprised of is the different types of images. These include the background as well as the static images and the animated ones. Then there are other components such as banners and the color layout that makes up part of the web design. links and buttons are part of this and even the text comes under the control of the web graphics that is making up part of the total webdesign.

Anyone that is having a website needs to have at least a basic understanding as to how web graphics work.

In order for web design to be successful it has to put a great deal of focus on the graphics. The graphics has to be able to create the desired visual appeal to its viewers. It has to be professionally done and it has to be flexible in its use.

In essence the web graphics can make or break a site in respect to the site being able to fulfill its goal. If a web designer is not able to provide good quality graphics then a huge chunk of their web design business will suffer.

Other components that within web design are directly linked to the web graphics. A site has to be easy to use and the graphics that are used for the navigation portion of the site creates a user friendly site. This means viewers must find the navigation visually appealing and easy to use. Added to this will be the part of web design that includes text, which gives the direction for the navigation.

Those that are interested in having a web site built need to understand all of its components and most will begin with the graphic design concepts because these are what they can visually see. Everything within a graphic design must be balanced and work in harmony with each other.