What’s Trending in Web Design


Trends always set the tone for advancement in any industry and the same can be said for web design.

Design Depth

Web design is highly dependent on the variations in the graphics that are used for the building of any web design. The trend for new web design is to develop more depth with the use of shadows. More experimentation is being done with the use of grids. Using variations in depth fits in with the 3D atmosphere and adds new life to the web design without having to rely so much on animation.

Unique Color Schemes

The use of colour in web design is critically important on many different levels. Modern day web designers are becoming bolder in their colour choices and colour mixing. They are not losing sight however how colour affects the viewer.

Background Creativity

The background in web design is often one of the starting points and usually is the area where web designers want to stay in a safety zone. Those that are willing to take a risk are now playing with particle backgrounds and many are achieving great success with this.

Trends start out with experimentations and it is exciting to watch new trends being developed in the web design industry.